A Voice that has saved lives. Daisy Coleman (Featured Artist)

Daisy Coleman
Star Born
We have been working on this brand for over two years, and it’s been an amazing experience meeting people of all types to help this #FASHION #STREETWEAR BRAND grow.
We’ve always believed that #SYKE is the safe haven to share your mind.  
Every Dream.  
Every Reality.
It’s our dream to help build those pathways into a brighter future.   
Daisy has been telling her story all over the world,  and it was picked up by Netflix, a documentary film named “Audrie & Daisy.”
Before the #MeToo movement, Daisy came forward with her story and was met with backlash, slander, and hateful rhetoric from the community. This mentally tore down an innocent, 14 year old freshman girl in high school. 

They tried labeling her a “lying slut.”  

They vandalized her family’s house, it was burnt to the ground.

They urged her to kill herself.  

They tried to break her. 

 Her rape case was written off by the justice department as a case lacking “evidence” to prosecute.  The accuser’s had one thing going for them, family ties in the justice department.  
There were riots. Annonymous picked up the story and stormed the front line to defend her and draw attention to the lack of justice in this case.  

Daisy Coleman endured a mental hell that most of us could never imagine.  And while she has scars to prove her past, her future will make this world a better place.

Daisy spends a lot of her energy working with others that have been raped and assaulted.  She has saved people’s lives through her work. We’d like to point you to Daisy and let her share her story the way she wants it to be told.
Featured in our latest dream
❌Death to Snakes!❌
Mind forged in the fire,
Fuck these snakes,
Those war scars built the empire.

We Love You - Daisy Coleman - Please let us know how we can help you on your journey in this dream.  - #SYKE

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