Death to Snakes Clothing Drop Gets Shadow-Banned by Social Media

When this dream dropped, our focus was on the snake bitten and not the snake.  Our minds were wrapped up in the concept of building the dream around the human that has been wounded by a snake.  
This dream was never about the snakes themselves.  So as we started to build this dream using our social media platforms, we noticed none of the ADs were being approved.  We noticed an immediate fall off of traffic through the website and the social media analytics.  
This dream continues down a dark path, as we are discovering the Snakes may be at it again.  @SYKEbrand has been shadow banned on Instagram that is preventing mental awareness and a positive story on someone changing the world.  
Snakes Amongst Us.
Read the definition on shadowbanning.  So many believe that it means you’ve been deleted.  It’s actually their passive-aggressive way to choke out the message without ever receiving backlash for their actions.  If no one sees it, how can anyone be aware that it’s being blocked?
Daisy Coleman is one of the most beautiful redemption stories in America today.  She’s been featured in a documentary on Netflix showcasing a piece of her tragic past.  But the story did not stop with her tragedy. It’s actually a triumphant return to helping others and being a voice that saves lives.  The dream lives on and we are building it.  
Why is Instagram blocking a powerful message that will help others cope with mental health?  
This shirt was made for all of the ones that have been bitten.
“I was raised on venom, these snakes got nothin’ on me.”
Daisy Coleman 
This breaking story has just added more fuel to the fire to make this brand go.  The world needs it.
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