Snakes Amongst Us

This drop is for all the ones that trusted, and received the knife in the back.
It’s human nature to trust your own.
And every time, it’s utter shock where the back stab comes from.
The snakes always teach an important lesson, learn to stand on your own two feet. 
Snakes never admit their wrong doings.  Even when we all got our eyes on them, they still find a way to lie through it all.  
Snakes always remind us, as much rainbow and sunshine we’d like to blow up your ass, there is true - sick - evil out there working against us. 


Good vs Evil
And all of us in between.  
Every human has a moral compass that guides their decisions.  The majority of us are good, but there’s a few evil ones that fuck it up for the rest of us.  So people, get the message!  Most of us are good, so stop fighting amongst ourselves.
❌Death To Snakes!❌
Symbolism is one of the best ways to showcase a state of mind.  We all have a choice, don’t be the snake.
❌Death to Snakes!❌
#SYKE @SYKEbrand #Streetwear
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