SYKE Lab - Coming Soon

SYKE Lab will be a multi-purpose studio to cultivate music, art, learning, photography, and videography.  With the latest technology, you will be able to utilize this space to meet your creative needs.

Keep It Cool.

Peruse, our summer gear is made to wear in the grueling heat and still look fresh while doing it. From sleeveless to dri-fit, prepare because the world is a melting pot. Especially in July!

be chill

Bundle It Up.

Even if you're battling the A/C inside your home, you gotta look nice on the couch. Feel the comfort with our heavier fabrics. These threads never disappoint.

Stay Warm

It’s only human.

I think it’s in all our heads that we want to make an impact.  We want to free people from the depths of hell.  Slavery.  Starvation.  Poverty.  Homelessness. Natural Disasters.  Loneliness.  Their own state of mind.  The list can keep going.  #SYKE will never quit working for humans.  Clothing the minds that change the world - @Jobe35

SYKE began in September of 2016 with a dream to build a street wear brand that inspired the world.  

This is our journey.

#SYKE @SYKEbrand

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