About Us

We are streetwear– and we are so much more. By creating community through creative collaborations, we are paving the way to bring access and meaning to those who wish to express themselves! Our style is simple, yet fluid. While our original logo features our iconic snake and dagger illustration and Bodoni typeface, our logo is ever changing and invites it’s collaborators to dream up their own version. Our name is based on a short phrase which motivates SYKE on a core value level– Share Your Known Existence. 

We strive to make a positive impact on our community by bringing people together for the common love of fashion, music and entertainment. We do this by sharing what we do with our community, by helping build local small business and educational programs. We do this in hopes to set the example of why generosity and humility can bring so much joy to the world. We aim to set the bar high, and we aim to always improve, day by day. SYKE is a concept that you can mold with your mind, and then ask yourself, how you can impact the world, and do so in style!